Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sick as Dogs

This was us two days ago.

Froggy and FD have a cold. I had the stomach flu, and was recovering from a sinus infection, and Buddy...well he's as healthy as a pooch can be. Thank you Grandpa J. for coming over and helping FM take care of the little tadpole.

We are feeling MUCH better. But, this is the third cold Froggy has had this season. Not good. I'm at a loss.

She is not in preschool or daycare, I don't let her play in the indoor playgrounds at the mall or other cess pools of toddler germiness. We use so much alcohol gel on our hands that if you licked our fingers, you could actually get drunk. I sanitize the grocery carts, we wash our hands before every meal snack, and many times just for the heck of it, and we've all had our flu why, why, why, have we been so sick this year?

And it's not like we're too clean, preventing Froggy's immune system from building up her natural responses to germs. We have three hairy pets, Froggy goes to the park almost everyday, and we let her play in the sand and yes, sometimes dirt. She has regular playdates, but we always check with the parents if their kiddos have been ill.

I give up. Sometimes you have no control.


Princess Talana said...

As horrible as it sounds, I'm glad that you don't completely protect her from germs. I getreally worried when I hear about people pulling their kids out of school and such... being sick sucks, and can cause some damage, but not having an immune system? That's even worse!

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Ok, so we may not have the same magnitude of medical background Froggy, but I soooooo hear ya with the 'I am DONE with this sickness crap!' feeling. LC first got sick exactly one month ago tomorrow. Since that day, there has not been a time when all three of us have been healthy, and LC has by far had the majority of the ickies.

Seriously, is there some sort of weird PreSchooler Illness Dust floating around the Earth right now??? Here's hoping it floats itself out soon.

Casey said...

The colds have sucked this year! I don't think we have all been healthy at the same time since September. And I'm not sure we even ever get over anything. I will start to feel better and then will feel like I'm getting it all over again and then it eases up and then ....maybe again? It never gets bad (well - not since that horrible cold in Oct) but it comes and goes. And it's been that way for all of us.

And I am hearing the same from many, many others in my circle of people I know.

It's awful.

I hope you are all healthy - and that you stay that way - soon!

Mieke said...

there is a wicked three day stomach flu going around. Be warned you feel better for two or three days and then it comes back for one!

Sorry you guys are sick. Good news is that this never impacts Froggy's lungs? She asked hopefully.

You do the best that you can E. That's all you can do!

I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will not get sick. One final left. I will make it.

Anonymous said...

ugh...sorry about that. i, like you take the same precatuion...and same way about it...hang in there!!! jcn

Cara said...

You poor things! I hope you guys are feeling better now! I've been "almost" sick for about a month now and it is driving me crazy. I've I've been over-dosing on vitamin C and spraying my coworkers with Lysol and I have managed to ward off any big sickness so far. Fingers cross that it stays that way!