Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beachin' with the Bee Man

Last week I played hookie from work and took Froggy to the Venice Canals to feed the ducks. Afterwards, we stopped for ice cream and ran into the Bee Man, his mama and grandmama. They were on their way to the beach, so without a towel or beach toys, we tagged along.

I love serendipitous days like this one. No plans, just hopping in the water, getting too much sand in your suit and spending the day with friends. They both ran, screamed, splashed, laughed, and snuggled in their towels together. It was hard convincing my little sea nymph we had to go home.

Do you remember that feeling as a kid when you never wanted the fun to end? When the sky grew dark, and your mom said it was time for bed, or your best friend went home after a slumber party?

I think it's one of those feelings that is lost after childhood. I don't experience that anymore, the never-wanting-the-fun-to-end feeling. There are moments when I'm rocking Froggy to sleep and I think "I wish she could be this little forever." Or when I embrace the joy that is her smile or laughter. But it's different from that childhood experience of wanting to stop time in the perfect moment of fun.


Casey said...

Oh my gosh - I love, love, love the out of focus photo of you and Froggy. What an amazing photo!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the old fashioned look of these pictures! and yes, i do remember those summer nights, catching fireflies and digging in the mud totally caught up in the moment only to hear my mom yell my name to come in...great post - jcn