Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just put your nostrils together and BLOW

This afternoon Froggy decided to shove a flower up her nose, a Mexican Sage to be exact.

When I saw what she was doing, I ran over, and told her to blow! Instead she inhaled, sucking that puppy deep into her sinuses.

So like the party animals we are...we spent our Saturday night at the UCLA Santa Monica Emergency Room. As miserable as it was, they were not busy. We got right in and out. After a tramautic nose probe, the doc said, "Well, looks like she probably swallowed it." Let's hope.

Poor baby fell asleep on the way home. While in the ER, Froggydadda asked, "Do you think you'll ever put anything up your nose again?" to which our tired Froggy answered in the most pathetic little voice, "No Dadda." These are hard lessons to learn.


Anonymous said...

Uuuuggghhh. Just reading this made my eyes water, and I had an urge to sneeze.

Poor Froggy. Lesson learned, I hope!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, reminds me of our leaf story last fall. DS told me that he stuck a leaf up his nose at preschool, but then when I looked little concerned, he back-pedaled, told me he didn't. He had not symptoms -- doctor told me that he'd have a nasty, stinky drainage if it was up there. A few weeks later, he said his nose hurt while in the tub, blew it and out popped a leaf. To which he replied with glee... "Didn't you believe me when I told you I put a leaf up there". Ugh!

I suspect with the amount of ABX he's on, kept it from festering, just kept it perfectly preserved up the side of his nose.

They sure keep us on our toes!

Ratatosk aka liza

Anonymous said...

ugh..sorry to hear this...glad they were not busy.