Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Laguna and Great Grandma

We spent the weekend with Froggy's Great-grandma "B". It was gorgeous and so wonderful relaxing on the deck that overlooks the ocean. We watched the fireworks, while Buddy the dog pranced around barking like he does every year, anticipating the Apocalypse with every bang!

Froggy took a 4 hour nap in a room we call the "Narcolepsy Room". True to form, it always encourages it's guests to sleep and sleep and sleep. In that wonderful four hour vacation, I finished my bookclub pick "The Book of Bright Ideas," and chatted with Grandma B. She's not your average granny. She's traveled the world, China, Alaska, Russia, Europe, Cuba, Tibet, India, Asia, South and Central America, etc. And her wisdom of the world and people is evident in her conversation and tolerant worldview. We talked about war, children, husbands, expectations, and life. I always have such a wonderful time talking to Grandma "B", who just happens to share the same birthday as our Froggy. September 8th is a lucky day, ya know.

FD worked on landscaping, a backyard project that becomes more beautiful with every visit to Laguna. I should have taken pictures. Next time.

Froggy was a stinker with her treatments, and was dealing with some major constipation, so there were some challenges to the weekend, but nothing a little sunshine and sand between the toes couldn't fix, and the ride home was traffic free. Woo-hoo. Our kitties were so happy to see us, they peed on the bathroom rug. Now that's love.


Anonymous said...

love these pictures with beautiful laguna in the background. jcn

Anonymous said...

sounds magical...

...and you are so lucky to have a Grandma B!!