Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fortune Cookies and CF

Yesterday I found an old fortune cookie in our junk drawer, which proves how incredibly organized I am, right?

So I threw the cookie away and my message was this: A pleasant surprise is coming your way.

Today I called Children's Hospital for the results of Froggy's sputum culture. It was negative for pseudomonas and MRSA, and all the other nasty little bugs. Hooooooooray!!!! And since we're on hiatus from her inhaled antibiotic (the one that takes forever!) we have more time in the day to just let Froggy be a little tadpole. This is good, good news. My heart is happy.

On the seizure front, the meds are (knock on wood) controlling them. And the constipation is on the mend too. For the moment...all is right in Froggybodyland. Big communal sigh of relief!


Beverly said...

Hooray for Froggy!

Casey said...

Phew! I'm so happy for you all. Enjoy the extra tadpole time. :)

Cara said...

YAY! That is such wonderful news!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh. nice! jcn

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodnes! I remember that call. My husband got the culture results and called me at school to tell me. I was standing in the secretary's office and I started to cry. No more Psuedo! I couldn't beleive it!

We had to do two more cycles because our clinic required two back to back clear cultures 2 months apart, but, that was OK. It was easier to get through 30 minutes of TOBI knowing that it was keepig the psuedo away, not just kicking it in the knees.

Isn't it amazing that we have drugs like TOBI? Things that didn't exist 15 years ago? We are fortunate that our babies are dealig with CF NOW, not then.