Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Hard Night

Froggy was up all night with gas pains. She is still not pooping everyday, and when she does, it's very loose and bulky. This is probably too much info, but this blog has become a kind of health diary too. So I can look up these fun poo facts later.

Our nutritionist is out of town til the 28th. Grrrr. Now what?

Once again, send lots of poo prayers.


Cara said...

Which enzymes is Froggy on? Do they have her taking Miralax? Poor little thing. I'm definitely thinking about her.

Froggymama said...

Froggy takes Creon and Pancrecarb, because Creon alone wasn't cutting it. And she's also on the highest dose of Miralax.

I'm not sure what's going on with her. And her enzyme dosage is so high, we really can't increase it.

If you have any suggestions, or have dealt with this, I'd love any advice. Thanks for thinking of us.

Ratatosk said...

Have the doctors every talked about meconnium equivilant? Basically things get bogged down in the large intestine, but stools seep thru the areas not bogged down by stool in the form of liquid or looser stools. We dealt with this when Max was a baby, but were able to relieve it with plain old milk of Mag. But I seem to recall his doctor explaining different measures if that didn't work -- miralax (which she's on), oral mucomyst, enemas....

I'm assuming she sees a GI specialist -- maybe there are some other things to try. I do know of a little boy in our area who had similar issues and his mother indicated once they tried the mucomyst (sp) things improved.

So sorry she's having these issues. Can't be comfortable :(


Froggymama said...


I so appreciate your help...

Our last appt. Froggy was impacted big time. And that's exactly what her stools were doing, becoming loose to pass the large blockages. After being on such a high dose of Miralax, the blockages passed.

Tomorrow we have our Clinic appt, but there isn't a GI specialist. We only see a Nutritionist, which I think is ridiculous. Now that her tummy troubles are getting worse, I'm going to try to find a GI doc who works with CF kiddos.

And that's funny you mentioned the oral mucomyst, because FD just learned about that in school, but his professor said a lot of docs won't prescribe it orally because it wasn't designed to be an oral, even though it can help. So these are great questions for our doc tomorrow. Thank you big time!

Cara said...

I really wish that I had some miracle advice for you, but I just don't. My only trick is Taco Bell. It always gets things moving for me. ;)