Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On air

Okay everyone. Hop onto KPFK.org, this Saturday (July 19th) at 7am Pacific, to hear my essay on the "Motherhood Unplugged" show. My essay is the first one, but please listen to the full hour. It's a great show!

And if you can't get up that early (trust me, I understand) you can stream it later. The show will be save for three months on the KPFK website.

I believe you can access it on the website by clicking on “Pacifica Performance Showcase".

I'll blog about it after Saturday so if you miss it, you can find it through my website. Woo hoo!


Beverly said...

Since I'm in a different time zone, it won't be so early. Yay! If I don't listen then, I'll catch it later. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

how cool!!!! congrats again!! you rock froggy mama! jcn