Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Froggy's First Earthquake

Yesterday, while on the phone, I felt my legs wobbling. Then a can fell out of our cupboards. The blinds shook against the window. In fact, as I write this, I think I felt an aftershock. Weird.

So, being from Iowa, I ran into the bedroom, where Froggy was napping and jumped on top of her. It was a little ridiculous considering by the time I actually made it to the bedroom, the quake was over, and I had just pounced on my sleeping child who was now awake and crabby. Note to self, "Pouncing on kid in a tornado, good. Pouncing on sleeping babe in an earthquake, kind of stupid."

The quake was 5.4 and the epicenter was in the Pomona, Chino Hills area. No injuries or major damage so that's good.

I took a class in college called, "Earth Systems" or as we called it "Rocks for Jocks" because it was a relatively easy science credit. Our instructor, a geologist said, "You couldn't pay me enough money to live in California." This was my last class in college. I obviously wasn't paying attention. But I got an A+ in the class. In fact, I was in love with studying plate tectonics and rock formations, and the history of our earth. Maybe if this had been my first class, rather than my last, I'd be in the Congo playing in the mud. You never know?


Princess Talana said...

I love that science stuff too. Despite being an elementary ed major in college I took several 300 level science classes in college, from astronomy to oceanography, to geology and volcanology. It was a lot of fun :D More than once the earth science department (and the math for that matter) tried to get me to change majors.

Beverly said...

Wow, that mus have been disconcerting. I'm glad that it was no worse than it was. That's easy for me to say, being here in Florida and you in California.

Anonymous said...

being at work - my immediate thoughts went out to my daughter too. so scary! so glad it wasn't bigger. jcn