Thursday, July 24, 2008

Motherhood Unplugged

If you'd like to hear the Radio Program "Motherhood Unplugged" here's how...

Click on THIS LINK which is the KPFK archives. Scroll down to Saturday, July 19th "Special Programming" in the 6:49am time slot. Then click on "Play".

For some reason there is an overlap, because the show doesn't start til 7am. Fast forward 13 minutes to "Motherhood Unplugged." Or if you only have time to listen to my essay, I am 19 minutes into the program.

I know it's complicated. I tried uploading it to my blog, to no avail.


Angela said...

I was able to listen to it, you sound great! It was nice to hear your voice! When I have time I'm going to try to listen to the whole program, sounds like it was interesting.

Anonymous said...

i just listened too! brings tears to my eyes...just like when i read it for the first time. terrific essay. great job! congratulations!! jcn

Miranda said...

Hi Elise,

I'm Angela's sister, Miranda, she gave me your blog address. I just listened to your essay and it was fabulous! I really enjoy reading your blog! I hope you don't mind!

MONSTER said...

AWESOME job, I just heard it! You are SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!

DutchMac said...

I FINALLY got a chance to listen to this. Yea for you!

And can I just say it was a little creepy hearing (I swear) EXACTLY the same voice I remember making rude comments together with me offstage in the wings of that centuries-old high school theatre, or in Perkins at 2am devising malicious pranks against perky boyfriend-stealing cheerleaders. :-)

Much love to you!